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Mike and Laura’s Engagements.

SO exciting to to some engagements in Salt Lake City. Love that city vibe, and its totally this couple’s style.View full post »

Stuarts and Ericksons.

I work with 2 of these beautiful girls, and one of them is leaving on her mission to North Carolina!! I’m gunnaView full post »

Sneak Peeks.

I know I post a bunch all at once… I am working on spacing out my posts. 3 new posts below ? More posts in theView full post »

Tyson and Megan.

Even though they have been married for a year and a half- its never too late to have pictures (if you can fit in yourView full post »

Mark and Brooke’s Wedding!

My cute lil cousin Mark is married. To the sweetest thing ever. We LOVE Brooke. I am so happy for these two!! TheirView full post »

Bret and Sammy’s Wedding!

I felt so welcome at this wedding, I love these two- they are so happy together and I know they will have such aView full post »

My 2 cents.

I get the nicest emails from fellow photo enthusiasts & photographers and people trying to get in to photography. IView full post »

Amazing Family… Update.

Remember this family? I had the amazing opportunity to spend a few hours photographing them months ago… I hopeView full post »

Brad and Jordan Engagements.

I have known Brad since high school, heck- maybe even middle school! I was so excited when he called me when they gotView full post »

3 new posts below!!

I am back from vacation and had some major blogging to catch up on. I LOVE the sessions below, feel  free to leave someView full post »

Adrienne’s Graduated!

I have known this girl since she was little! Okay she is only 5 years younger than me but still, its so fun to see herView full post »

Josh and Sierra’s Formals

This couple totally inspired me to get colorful & springy. Their personalities are the cutest things ever. Sierra isView full post »

Kody and Kim’s Wedding!

Guess who’s up next!? Yep, their wedding was the event of the year. Its was beautiful. Perfect. There were so manyView full post »

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