Tom & Traci’s Engagements.

These two are huge teasers, I just loved their humor together!! SO cute. They don’t have the best luck with weather, we had to reschedule 3 times cause the weather in Cache Valley is freakin CRAZY. Loved these, and I love that they wanted to go to their favorite place and do smore’s & a fire! Enjoy a sneak peak and a bit of their story…

How did this romance begin?
We started dating and Tom moved to Kansas for 4 months and we broke up… and then we found ourselves dating again 8 months later. We have been together ever since.

First Kiss?? HAHA, I love this answer.
“Women want what they can’t have, so I held off. Traci wanted a kiss so bad after we had been dating for a few months she told me I didn’t “dare” kiss her. So I did.”

Name 3 things you like about your fiancé?
Tom- I like her values, her looks, and she is feisty enough to put up with my teasing.
Traci- I like his teasing, his chin hair 🙂 , and he is a good listener.

Something Unique about you two as a couple??
“Our ability to work through disagreements and compromise.” (Something that will come in quite handy during marriage for sure 😉

Jenni Jensen - May 12, 2011 - 5:08 pm

I freakin love traci! I’ve never met such a fiesty yet SEXY lady in ma life. Shes awesome! And I love the pics. Fire = BRILLIANT!

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