My Life Now…

Since my last post, I have had another sweet baby girl (see her cute lil self in the photo below) and my new life in Idaho is very different. I wanted to post what my plans are for my photography business. Lots of messages the past few months asking if I am still doing photography, I wanted to take a moment to explain. My plans right now are only to take photos for my closest friends and immediate family. I will however come to Cache Valley and do a handful of sessions a few times per year for returning clients. I wish I had the time to keep up with my business I have spent the past 9+ years building. I LOVE photography and always will, but my heart is calling me to be a Mom and spend less time working on my computer. This was not an easy decision to make, but I am confident I will be taking clients again someday.

Time is precious and I want to spend time focusing on my children, I cannot even express my excitement to work on their photos that I have neglected since my son was born 6 years ago in order to put my clients first. After working on my clients photos each week, I did not have any time to work on my own photos and they have accumulated into a bunch of unsorted photo folders and I cannot wait to look at them and make my families yearly photo books. I also have a child that functions better in all aspects of life with a focused mother, and I see an instant decline in school performance, anxiety and moods when I am at the computer editing. This has definitely helped to make my decision easier. My number one priority is my family, but for so many years my work was the probably the top thing that occupied my time and was a constant distraction from my family. Its why I just cannot run this business and have time to be the kind of mother I want to be, and make each of my children feel as special as I want them to feel.

Organization and structure is something that does not come easily for me. Creativity and passion for my interests is what drives me and is what built my business, NOT my business skills. I know many super Mom photographers that appear to run their businesses like clock work. They can keep up with a blog, website, facebook for their personal and business pages, having an Instagram account for their personal and business lives, tagging those clients, adding the 20 hashtags, answering emails, messages & comments on all social media outlets in a timely manner, gathering deposits and scheduling their clients, answering questions and texts from those clients before and after the shoot & making sure that you know exactly what they want so you can meet/ exceed their expectations, shooting photos each night when the light is perfect, editing their clients photos in a timely fashion, delivering their clients photos and even placing orders for them, organizing & paying your quarterly taxes on time for your business, making sure your equipment and memory cards are ready and maintaining it so you can protect your major investments and finally, pricing yourself (this took a while for me to figure out, and is a very carefully thought out number)… whew! Just writing that overwhelmed me. So much time and energy goes into running a business.

There are some nerves, but I am very excited for this change, and I know my clients will understand. My soul is being pulled to my family, and I plan to continue to grow my passion for photography through them. It is not the end of my business, this is simply a pause button on taking clients sessions can enjoy these precious years with my babies and have no regrets.

I will be coming to Cache Valley UT to take on a handful of sessions 2 times per year, if you are a returning client and are interested in getting on my list for those weekend sessions please shoot me a text or email! I will also be taking returning clients who would like to travel to Pocatello ID for a session as well.


Thank you for reading and for your support for this amazing career I have.

Love Ashley



Sure do adore this family, I have loved capturing their family for the past 4 years!

Fall season is wrapping up and I am trying to finish all sessions- so there is lots of posts to come!


Jenni Bowman - October 19, 2016 - 12:58 pm

AMAZING! The views of the Mountians in this are amaze balls! Such cute pics.

Holly Eggli - October 25, 2016 - 5:55 am

Beautiful pics! How much is a family shoot?

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